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Solo Show: The Art of Nicole Simmons

From March 1st through April 9, you can catch my very first solo show at Wheel of Light Studio in Halifax, PA (about 20 minutes north of Harrisburg).

Roughly 20 art pieces will be on display and will include non-objectional abstracts and portraitures.

This is an "open" show, meaning there is no set theme. Instead I wanted to show off all of my recent projects and introduce myself as an emerging artist.

A reception will be held on Saturday March 19 from 1-3PM where I'll be there to answer any questions and talk about my work. Please stop by if you are in the area!

Artist statement:

My paintings are often journeys unfolding onto canvas. Each one requires different materials and techniques to reach the destination and almost in every instance the plan changes a number of times, showing that the thrill truly lies in the creative process and not the creation itself. I’m frequently drawn to creating non-objective and abstract work because I feel the most free when I paint them. When I do paint imagery, it’s often portraitures or landscapes as I enjoy imagining what this world would be like if we embraced the greatest possibilities for ourselves.

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