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Woman holding up two paintings in an art studio while smiling

Based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Nicole Simmons is a self-taught artist who began painting in 2014. Her work primarily explores concepts of authenticity vs. potentiality—the pursuit of exploring the beauty and truth of lived experiences versus the potential that those moments hold. Her art ranges from the soft and soothing to the bold and lively and is a reflection of her lived experience in any given moment.

Exhibiting her work since 2021, she has participated in various shows, including those with the Art Association of Harrisburg and HIVE Artspace. A significant moment in her career was holding a solo exhibition at Wheel of Light Studio in 2022. Most recently her work was selected to be featured in the 10th issue of the quarterly magazine Circle Magazine in January 2024.

About Nicole Simmons

These experiences have not only helped her grow as an artist but also allowed her to connect with others through her art.

She is currently one of several artists represented by Wheel of Light Studio in Halifax, PA.

When she’s not painting, Nicole enjoys traveling, hiking, reading fantasy novels, spending time with her husband Isaac, and doting her two adorable cats, Sylvester and Tibbers—all of which serve as inspiration for her artwork.

Artist's Statement:

My art is a vivid exploration of curiosity, blending vibrant colors and textures with the stories of my life, from childhood nostalgia to adult introspection. Driven by the thrill of the new and a commitment to authenticity, I experiment with different mediums to push creative boundaries. At its core, my work is a genuine celebration of life, an unfiltered expression of my true self and the moments that have shaped me.

Artist Representation:

Wheel of Light Studio, Halifax, PA


January 2024, Circle Magazine, Issue 10


2024, "Girlish" (juried), Gallerium and the Book of Arts

2023, Landscapes Art Competition (juried), Artist Space Gallery

2023, "Year End Art Extravaganza", KBM Art Gallery, Virtual exhibition

2022, "Faces 2022" (juried), International Juried Painting Competition, Camelback Gallery, Scottsdale AZ [winner--Bronze Award]

2022, "The Art of Nicole Simmons" solo show, Wheel of Light Studio, Halifax, PA

2022, "Figuratively Speaking", Art Association of Harrisburg, Harrisburg PA

2021, Mini Art Exhibit (juried), HIVE Artspace,York, PA

2021, Artist's Choice (juried), Art Room Gallery Online

2021, Portrait online show (juried), Grey Cube Gallery

2021, "Figuratively Speaking", Art Association of Harrisburg, Harrisburg, PA

2021, "Small Works Big Talent" (juried), Las Lagunas Online Art Show

2021, Open January show (juried), Colors of Humanity Online Gallery

2021, "Hindsight 2020 was a..." (juried), Incuarts Online Gallery

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