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Hey there! I'm Nicole!

An emerging artist, Nicole Simmons is from and currently resides in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Nicole began painting in 2014 and is self-taught.

Nicole enjoys painting abstracts and non-objective artwork as she feels the most free when she creates it. She enjoys the thrill and fun of the creative process and is often experimenting with new materials and techniques for her art. She gravitates towards bold colors and imagery in her work, particularly as it pertains to the female figure.

Nicole began exhibiting her work in 2021 both virtually and in person. In 2021 and 2022 she exhibited with the Art Association of Harrisburg’s member show “Figuratively Speaking” and the Gallery Walk in the fall of 2021. She also exhibited in the November 2021 group exhibition for mini art at HIVE Artspace in York, PA.  In March 2022 she exhibited her work in a solo show at Wheel of Light Studio in Halifax, PA.  Her work also won a bronze award in the Faces 2022 international juried painting competition with Camelback Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.


She is currently one of several artists represented by Farwell Gallery in McFarland, WI and at Wheel of Light Studio.

When she’s not painting, Nicole enjoys traveling, hiking, spending time with her husband Isaac, and doting her two adorable cats, Sylvester and Tibbers—both of whom occasionally serve as inspiration for her artwork.

Artist's Statement:

My paintings are often journeys unfolding onto canvas. Each one requires different materials and techniques to reach the destination and almost in every instance the plan changes a number of times, showing that the thrill truly lies in the creative process and not the creation itself. I’m frequently drawn to creating non-objective and abstract work because I feel the most free when I paint them. When I do paint imagery, it’s often portraitures or landscapes as I enjoy imagining what this world would be like if we embraced the greatest possibilities for ourselves.

Gallery Representation:

Farwell Gallery, McFarland, WI

Wheel of Light Studio, Halifax, PA


2022, "Faces 2022", International Juried Painting Competition, Camelback Gallery, Scottsdale AZ [winner--Bronze Award]

2022, "The Art of Nicole Simmons" solo show, Wheel of Light Studio, Halifax, PA

2022, "Figuratively Speaking", Art Association of Harrisburg, Harrisburg PA

2021, Mini Art Exhibit, HIVE Artspace,York, PA

2021, Artist's Choice (juried), Art Room Gallery Online

2021, Portrait online show (juried), Grey Cube Gallery

2021, "Figuratively Speaking", Art Association of Harrisburg, Harrisburg, PA

2021, "Small Works Big Talent" (juried), Las Lagunas Online Art Show

2021, Open January show (juried), Colors of Humanity Online Gallery

2021, "Hindsight 2020 was a..." (juried), Incuarts Online Gallery




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