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Unveiling the Transformation Collection

2023 was a remarkable year for me - a year of significant change and evolution. It felt like a long-awaited "leveling up" in various aspects of my life, from home improvements to my mental and physical health, and most importantly, in my art practice and business. It was as if the stagnation of the past few years finally released its grip, allowing for a refreshing wave of progress.

Two butterflies on an abstract background. One butterfly is caught from the side mid-flight while the other is front on with both of its wings exposed.
"Serenity's Wings"

One of the more notable changes was the creation of a dedicated art studio space in our home. This new space has become a sanctuary for creativity and growth, marking a pivotal shift in my art practice.

But perhaps the most profound transformation I experienced was confronting my restrictive eating habits and food fears, which I will delve into more in my next blog post. This journey was a cornerstone of 2023.

My art practice also underwent a significant transformation. Emerging from a period of burnout, I found myself creating some of my most favorite and impactful work to date. This progress wasn’t instantaneous; it unfolded gradually throughout the year, requiring consistent effort and a commitment to showing up each day.

During this period of creative resurgence, I decided to focus on a singular motif in my art: the butterfly. This choice was deeply personal. Butterflies hold a special place in my heart, related to my childhood days spent catching and identifying different species with my best friend. Those moments, filled with joy and curiosity, are among my most cherished memories.

Moreover, the butterfly, with its symbolism of hope, playfulness, and metamorphosis, resonated deeply with the themes of change that were so prevalent in my life at the time. In hindsight, the symbolism feels even more poignant, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of transformation that defined my year.

With all of that and great excitement, I introduce the Transformation Collection. This series, ranging from mixed media to oils and acrylics, created on both paper and canvas, is particularly close to my heart. Each piece is a reflection of my journey through the year, embodying the essence of change and growth.

I invite you to explore the Transformation Collection and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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