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It's Not Over-- Black on Black Oil Painting

In this post, I talk about the technique used to create this painting; the feelings it evokes; who might be the best collector for this piece; and what my favorite thing about it is. Transcription of the video is below as well. Let me know what you think!


Hi. So I just wanted to take some time to talk a little bit about this oil painting. So this piece I did last year in 2021. It's an oil painting. And it was a study for a technique called black on black. And every value of paint in here has some sort of black paint in it. So it gives it a very dramatic look, it's definitely a statement piece. And I chose this image because I felt like it really matched the vibe that a black on black piece would give. The piece itself is called it's not over. And I feel like there's especially with his eye, there's a little bit of like defiance in his eye. And you know, as he's kind of being silenced by the hands, covering him. So there's this

for me, there's almost this like movement in the piece, like emotionally of, you know, I'm going to overcome this. And so that's where I got the name from. So favorite parts of this piece, you know, obviously, the focal point of just bringing out his facial features. This was actually a really fun technique. It's not one that I anticipate that I would use a lot. But it was really fun to take black on black, and just kind of try and render an image out of one color, essentially. It was a great challenge. And so I don't really have any like brushstrokes, or anything that I would consider like a favorite. But I think it was just the technique in general that I really enjoyed. So this piece is a 16 by 20. It does have my signature or my initials there on the bottom. So it's 20 inches tall, 16 inches wide. And see it does have wiring right now on the back. So it's ready to hang has the markings there oil and Canvas is made in June of last year. It is a thinner canvas. So it's like the three quarter inch canvas. But it would be perfect in a black frame. I think it would almost be cooler in a white frame, maybe just to give it that contrast, but certainly it will also obviously look great in a black frame. Yeah. I think this piece is really for the collector who wants to make a statement with their work. I think this piece is for the person who likes to have art around them that sends a message. And I can imagine this maybe in a work, like in a home workspace or living space, or even a hobby space. Yeah. Let me know what you think. I'm curious about how you react to this piece and what feelings it evokes for you. This is a pretty popular piece when I show it in different shows and pop ups that I've done. People seem to be really drawn to this piece because it is so dramatic. So I'm curious what you feel when you see this. Let me know!

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