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January 2100 Painting Challenge Recap: Texture

January was a month of exploration and growth. I took significant strides towards my goal of painting 2100 pieces by 2030, adding 19 new pieces to my portfolio (this makes the official count 368).

The theme for January was ‘texture’. I found myself drawn to birches as subjects. There’s an inherent freedom in these trees that inspired me to experiment and push my boundaries. The unique texture of their bark, the way they stand tall and proud against the elements, all of it spoke to me.

Painting of three birch trees with a darker background and white/snowy scene.

To capture their essence, I turned to mixed media. I used a combination of plaster, sand, and acrylic mediums to create a variety of textures. This approach allowed me to replicate the intricate details of the birch bark and bring a sense of realism to my work.

As the month progressed, I began to experiment with oils. I used cold wax medium and palette knives to achieve heavier textural effects. I was pleased at the depth and richness that oils brought to my work after using acrylics for most of the month.

Painting of birch trees staged in a space above a counter and next to a plant.

Looking back, I’m really pleased with my work from January. I feel that I’ve grown as an artist and pushed my boundaries. Some of the birch pieces are already up for sale on my website. You can check them out here.

As we move into February, I’ve chosen to focus on values and lighting. I’m excited to delve deeper into these aspects and see where this journey takes me. Stay tuned for my recap at the end of the month!

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