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Introducing "Ephemeral Flutter," an 11x14 inch acrylic painting on canvas. This 2023 creation captures the fleeting beauty of a butterfly, its intricate wing patterns shining against a soothing blend of blue and pink hues. Each brushstroke is a testament to the artist's precision and dedication, imbuing life and movement into this delicate creature.


Add a touch of tranquility to your space with this contemporary artwork. The harmony of colors and the thoughtful rendition of the butterfly work in unison to create a visual treat, evoking a sense of calm and admiration for nature's fragile beauty. Perfect for both personal collections and display, "Ephemeral Flutter" serves as a captivating reminder of life's fleeting wonders and the timeless beauty of nature.


Embrace the allure of "Ephemeral Flutter," a symbol of grace, elegance, and the transient beauty of nature. Let this enchanting piece transport you to a world where beauty resides in every flutter.

Ephemeral Flutter

$154.00 Regular Price
$77.00Sale Price
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