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Abstract Insights: Energy

Hey everyone! I'm starting a new segment on my blog (Abstract Insights) where I get a bit more personal about my mindset, personal growth, and how these deeply influence my art and life. I believe sharing these aspects can create a deeper connection, so let's dive in.

Incense burning on a table

Lately, I've been thinking about where my energy goes and how I utilize it. A few weeks ago, I had an epiphany about the various types of energy in my life—time, thought, money, emotions—and how they've been out of balance. I've noticed a tendency to overcompensate in one area to make up for a lack in another. For example, spending more for convenience to save time, which seemed fine initially, but I've started to see how this mindset can lead to a cycle of imbalance, especially when FOMO kicks in.

Take a recent experience with a tempting Black Friday deal on an art course. Instead of impulsively buying it, I chose to sit with the discomfort of not having it. This decision brought mixed feelings. On one hand, I was relieved not to spend the money. On the other, I wrestled with thoughts like, "What if I miss out on a crucial learning opportunity?" or "Am I delaying my progress?" My mind was racing with all the 'what-ifs.' It was a classic internal tug-of-war.

This situation made me realize the importance of being conscious about where I want to spend my energy. The simple truth for me right now is that I want to invest more time and creative energy into my art, rather than financial energy. Yet, other commitments are limiting my time, tempting me to substitute time with money or emotional energy like worry. It’s like my brain just says, “I need to solve this problem of not being able to create enough,” and so it tries to find a solution…even if the solution doesn’t make sense.

I've also come to understand that investing time in art can feel vulnerable and scary. Art is a potent form of self-expression and healing. It brings out so much of our subconscious patterns and habits, and seeing these manifest can be both enlightening and unnerving. Sometimes, it's tempting to shy away from this deep engagement and instead redirect my energy into something less confronting, like worry or financial spending.

But what I truly want and need is to spend more time on my art, which means I need to re-center myself on what's truly worth my energy: my mental and physical health, creating art, and finding joy in everyday moments. This realization is a wake-up call to ease up on things that don't ignite my passion and focus more on what does.

So, that's where I'm at right now, ya’ll. It's all about figuring things out one step at a time, making energy choices consciously and that feel right, and learning to be okay with them. I'm trying to listen to my gut more, especially when it comes to my art and how I spend my days. If you're going through your own struggle of finding balance in how you spend your energy, know that you're not alone. I'd love to hear your stories too – the good, the bad, and everything in between.

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