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Earlier Works

"I believe every piece is just one milestone. Each painting has left its impression on every piece thereafter. Just like it takes 1000 steps to reach a destination, it takes 1000 paintings to reach this masterpiece. And 1001 for the next, and the next, and the next...."

- Nicole Simmons

Go on a visual journey by exploring the gallery below. All paintings featured on these pages have been sold to private collectors.

TBD 2 mu.jpg

2024 Collected Pieces


2021 Collected Pieces

Photo Oct 24, 2 02 29 PM (1).jpg

2023 Collected Pieces


2020 Collected Pieces

Divine Renewal. A mixed media abstract portraiture by emerging artist Nicole Simmons

2022 Collected Pieces

Queen's Necklace- A contemporary abstract mixed media painting by emerging artist Nicole Simmons

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