This 16”x20” contemporary abstract painting was created in December 2021. Palette knifing was the primary technique used in this piece.


This painting is a paint-over from a piece I did in 2020. The original layer had unique texture points like lines and imprints from acrylic modeling paste. When I picked up this canvas to start over, I really wanted to experiment with neutrals, contrasting them with color. Neutrals are not often a significant part of my pieces and I wanted to push myself in that area. I was immediately taken to palette knifing as a way to keep my “strokes” loose and apply paint in a thicker way.


As I was creating it, I felt really drawn to pushing the contrast more by applying black line work. As I did so, it really spoke to me and I realized I had intuitively made this skyline painting. I even had the curve of a moon. Gold leaf was then added to bring some more visual texture to the piece and accentuate the focal point.


Going into oils, I really wanted to push the texture some more, so I decided to use cold wax primarily. I loved using it because it felt like adding frosting to my painting. As I was nearing the finish, I realized that the swirl underneath the focal point almost looked like a reflection in water, so I carried that idea on by blending the bottom a bit more.


My favorite aspects of this piece include the swirl beneath the focal point; the scratches throughout the paint; the black line running through the paint; and the frosty look that the colors give. I really love the color theme of this piece as well.


Some words that I would use to describe this painting are:

  • Dreamy
  • Peaceful


I personally feel this painting in my soul. Every time I look at it I get transported to this place within me that feels very deep and inspired. I think this abstract work would be perfect for the collector that enjoys dreamier or more whimsical pieces. The color theme feels very bright to me and I think would go well in a space that is dominated by white or light neutrals.


Check out the vlog I did on this piece for more information.


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“Dreamer’s City”

16” (41.6 cm) wide x 20” (50.8 cm) tall x ¾ in (1.9 cm) depth

Mixed media on canvas

December 2021

Framed: Yes--Black Frame

Wiring: Yes

Signature: Front and back

Dreamer's City--Contemporary Abstract Skyline Painting

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