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Video: Dreamer's City

Happy Friday! Today I wanted to post another video where I talk about one of my most recent paintings. This abstract piece is one of my favorites that I've done recently and I'm excited to share it and talk a little bit more in depth about its creation. Below is the transcription of the video as well. Let me know your thoughts and what you feel or think of when you see this piece!


Hey, so today I thought I'd talk a little bit about this piece. It's called dreamer city. And it's a piece that I just made in December of 2021. Honestly, it's one of my favorite pieces that I've made recently. So I'm excited to talk about it. Um, one of the things that I love about this piece is all of the texture. So just for background, this piece actually is a repaint. This piece was originally something else that I had created in 2020. And I didn't really like it. So it was just an acrylic painting. So I painted over it. And so now I have this piece. And when I started this piece I was really experimenting with like layering neutral colors. So like you can see like in the back here at the top and even up here and down there like you have a lot of these dark neutrals. And I wanted to layer practice layering, light neutrals, and then color and try and see what kind of effects that I could get. I don't always do a great job of putting neutrals in my work. So this was kind of a way for me to practice that.

I used primarily palette knife in this painting. So even in acrylics I was using a lot of palette knife. And as I was doing it and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with this painting, I happen to use black and put this like black streak through like the bottom third of this painting and really loved the look of it. So I stuck with that and I saw that I had kind of like naturally made this kind of semi circle right there and so I turned it into a moon and added some like gold leaf here and silver leaf for the moon and then put oils on top so a lot of the oil texture that you see was also applied via palette knife. And there's a lot of cold wax mixed with oils on this painting.

And my some of my favorite features of this painting are just all of well first of all this down here is by far my favorite feature like I just love how it kind of looks like it's a reflection in some water. This was acrylic molding paste that had actually been in the previous painting on this canvas and I kept it and I love what it did for this painting. Other features that I love just some of the scratches that are in it adds kind of like a level of depth to it just happened to really enjoy see some scratches up there. Also some of these like other scribbles and markings that are here I tried to use like a variation of line work and then you can see some other texture in the background Yeah, it just looks really cool. Um and then I have to say I think that the like gold leaf this is actually rose gold leaf that you see here. And I really love what it did for the focal point. Yeah, those are some of my favorite parts. I think another favorite thing about this piece for me it's just the color palette. I love how frosty it is. I love the effects of the cold wax give like I love mixing cold wax and oils together even on my palate because it just looks so it looks like frosting. You can even see some here.

The color palette to me is perfect. It's pretty much my color palette and my preferred color palette and I love it and I think it kind of gave this like very dreamy look which is what inspired the name was kind of whimsical and romantic and also a little wintery. I kind of like that about this.

So yeah, honestly, I think this piece would be perfect in just about any space, honestly. So this is a 16 inch by 20 inch piece, three quarter inch frame or three quarter inch stretch canvas depth. So it would look great in a floater frame. I think it will look divine in a white floater frame. But I think it would look fine in a black one, too, or even maybe a light wood one.

Yeah, I think this is I think because of like the peaceful kind of pastel color palette. It would fit almost any kind of space. I think it's just I think it's just a really calming abstract like I think some of the words that I would describe this is dreamy, calming peaceful maybe even like, I don't wanna say sleepy but it's just like me dreamy is what I'm going for. It's just very like imaginative like I can imagine like someone imagining this scene is what I'm trying to say. And I think this piece would go great in a bedroom or an office or even in a living space

I think the collector who would collect this would probably want something very peaceful and calming and just likes to collect pieces, maybe that are joyful. Like I can see how this piece just when you look at it just brings you a sense of joy and it's just kind of like ah, you know. So, yeah, I think that's about it for this piece and let me know what it makes you feel how you like it. What space do you imagine this piece in? I can also imagine this piece in a meditation space. So yeah, drop me a line or a comment and let me know.

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