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is infinite.


surrounds me.

When I say no,

Another door opens,




is limitless.


embraces me.

Possibilities for my life;

Always new, always fresh,


...Which one?

I love that in any given moment there are endless possiblities and options for our lives. Even in the most stressful of situations, there is always another option. We discard our infinite possiblities because many times we are unwilling to do what it takes. We write them off thinking we are trapped.

Just this morning as I was meditating, my mind started running through my day. Stress seemed to be the only option. Asking myself "how do you want to feel" didn't even resonate because my mind kept saying "joyful but..." "free but...". I gave myself an option--just for a minute.

Pretend this day is a blank canvas. What if none of my circumstances existed? Everything was new and fresh. I could pick anything I wanted. How would I want to feel?

Suddenly, I felt at ease. I imagined myself floating on a lake on a nice warm day with a breeze. Laid back. Just enjoying the moment. I really felt this. I felt what it would be like. As my mind drifted back to my day, I realized that stress was not my only option. I could let go a little. It would all be OK.

We always have another option. Infinite options, in fact, if we are willing to explore them. What possiblities are you embracing for yourself today?

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