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Massive Studio Clearance Sale June 2-30

Red window with white lettering that says "sale".  Person walking behind window creating a dark silhouette

Hey ya’ll!

I am thrilled to announce a special event happening this June that I am incredibly excited about. From June 2nd to June 30th, I will be hosting a studio clearance sale right here on my website, with discounts of up to 75% off!

Why a clearance sale, you ask? As an artist, my creative journey is ever-evolving, and I'm preparing to embark on a new series of work. To make room in my studio for fresh canvases and new inspiration, I'm letting go of an array of pieces from my collection. This includes original artwork (new and old), prints, and notecards, all of which will be part of this unprecedented sale.

This sale provides a rare opportunity for both longtime fans and new art enthusiasts to own a Nicole Simmons original at an incredible price. Whether you're looking to start your art collection, searching for that perfect piece to complete a room, or even hunting for a unique gift, you'll find something in this sale that speaks to you.

But wait, there’s more!

As I continue to sort through my studio and rediscover earlier pieces (and some new ones as well), I'll be adding more items to the sale throughout the month. Each new addition will be like a surprise waiting to be unveiled! So, make sure you stay tuned to my social media pages and check your emails regularly to be the first to know what's available.

In anticipation of this sale, I invite you to explore my current collection, revisit your favorite pieces, and maybe discover new ones. Remember, once a piece is sold, it's gone! This is a fantastic chance to bring the joy, freedom, and vibrant energy of my work into your home or office at a fraction of the usual cost.

I can't wait to share this exciting month with you. Buckle up, get ready, and let the art adventure begin!



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