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Introducing my New Loyalty Program

Hey hey! Today I wanted to focus on something I just rolled--my loyalty program! Below I'll go over:

- what it is and why I created it

- the different circles--Artist's and Collector's

- how you can sign up

What it is and Why I Created It

This loyalty program was created to thank my subscribers and collectors for their support. It's an opportunity to get special discounts; invitations to virtual "open studio" sessions that will not be on social media; get early notification on new collection drops; and more!

The Circles

The program is divided into two tiers--the Artist's Circle and the Collector's Circle.

The Artist's Circle is for anyone who has subscribed to my email list (really! It's that easy!). As a member you will recieve:

  • Notification of pieces before public, including customization pieces (24 hours beforehand)

  • Coupons and discounts

  • Sales notifications

  • Newsletter

  • Invitations to monthly “open studio” lives/conversations for my email list only

The Collector's Circle is reserved for those who have purchased any of my original pieces. In addition to what's listed above, those in this circle recieve:

  • All Artist’s Circle perks

  • Special video once a month for you that shows/explains my works in progress

  • 1 extra discount/coupon per month

  • First pick release notification—Get notified of releases of original work 24 hours before other circle members

  • 1 extra live or video chat quarterly with Nicole to get an opportunity to ask questions and get to know the artist

How You can Sign Up

It's super easy! You can take the first step today by heading over to my landing page and signing up for my email list when the fly out pane pops up.

I have plans to grow this program too based on your feedback, so please don't hesitate to let me know what you like/don't like! As I mentioned--this program was made as a thank you to all of my supporters and collectors.

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